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Polyamory and Famiilies
Redefining What's Possible

A FREE online summit with multiple experts sharing their knowledge, insights and juicy secrets all about sex, intimacy and polyamory

Date and Time: October 7, 2023
                          9 am - 5 pm PST

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Testimonials from past events

"I had blocked off three hours but ended up staying for the entire summit. It was well worth my time."                                                               - Anonymous 
"I do work in facilitating and organizing around intersectional anti-racism community building, from my personal and professional perspective, (Elizabeth) did amazing! (Her) energy is so loveable and sweet. Good work with planning, fantastic speakers, everything was really well thought out and intentional, so round of applause! "                                                                
- Anonymous
"That was so good and thank you so much for organizing the summit and putting it on!"
"What a great thing to do, thank you for sharing the day! I was really grateful for more poly resources."

Past Events

From Monogamy to Polyamory

Will Polyamory Actually Work for Me?

21 Day Challenge

Communication in Polyamory

Enhancing the Connection in Your Relationships

Polyamory and Sex

Let's Talk about Sex and Intimacy with Whoever You Want to Have Sex and Intimacy With

Finding Polyam Community

Celebrating Polyamory and Embracing Community with Infinite Love