I would love to speak at your event and give your audience radical self-expression that grows relationships.


My goal in speaking to your audience is that they get a greater sense of who they are and what they want, the ability to communicate those desires, and the leadership to create bountiful relationships that work for everyone. 

When one person is able to be authentic and communicate effectively, it inevitably creates a ripple effect of leading by example. In our world today of 4 - 7 second sound bites and attention spans, it is important to be authentically you to create connections immediately and to maintain those relationships over time. 

Whether you want me to speak to people learning about polyamory, LGBTQIA+, sex positivity, or heart-centered entrepreneurship and leadership, it all comes down to being yourself and building authentic relationships. And that’s what I excel at. 

I have the most fun and effectiveness with audiences who are willing to consider new ideas, try on new things for themselves, and are open to writing their own rule book.

Topics I speak on

  • Polyamory and Non-monogamous relationships


  • Communication

  • Self-Expression

  • Authenticity

  • Commitment

  • Building Relationships

  • Servant Leadership

  • Connections as Currency

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Signature Programs: Radical Self-Expression that Grows Relationships

#1 Connection-based Leadership 

This energy alignment and interdependent based program is designed to create more powerful interaction between front-line employees, mid-level managers, and c-suite executives. In this program, you will learn how to close the gap of disparity between team members and communicate with a new found kind of openness that will increase company productivity.  Experience more clarity, increase team dynamics, and chart a new course of action to improve the bond within your business relationships.   

After this program you will be able to:

· Learn how to contribute to the quality of your team, support growth opportunities, and foster a workplace environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

· Leadership will be able to foster healthy relationships with their teams and effectively train others in their growth within the organization.
· Know, practice, and integrate the steps to resolve conflict or even mitigate conflict before it happens
· Utilize the Connection Framework at any stage of the “relationship” whether that be onboarding someone new, leading a meeting, starting a new project, resolving conflict, or even transitioning members from different teams.

· All members will be able to use this framework, not only in their day-to-day position but in any role they aspire to be in or take on.

 #2 From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: How communication anywhere can help you everywhere 

How you do one area of your life, you do every area of your life. Everything we do is connected. How we communicate, our mindset, the space, and the listening we create for each other, all carry the same flavor wherever we go. Similarly, each area of our lives impacts the other. If someone is struggling at home, it will show up at work. If someone is stressed at work, it will impact their family, until it becomes an endless cycle and you don’t know which one to fix first. The answer is, both. This program creates the framework for communication and connection that allows all parties to feel safe, heard, and valued. It also structures conversations and meetings to be collaborative, and by doing so raises the efficacy anytime multiple voices and perspectives need to be heard. 

After this program you will be able to:

· Be confident in your ability to not only communicate what you want but to lead a conversation that uncovers the needs of others and has all parties agree on a solution.

· Save time, effort, and money by efficiently and effectively learning the needs at hand and knowing how to collaborate with everyone to delegate effectively.

· Create collaboration with ease with the ability to create safe spaces for all.

· Solve turnover and burnout with employees that can manage a harmonious work and home life.

· Make things fun! Who wants to go to another boring meeting where you don’t get anything done and you wish you could just get back to the tasks at hand?   

#3 Connection and Intention: Growing Relationships begins Before It Starts 

The problem and challenges that people have when they come to me didn’t start with the conflict they are presenting to me. It started at the very beginning and most of the time even before the relationship began. How can that be? How can the relationship problem begin before the relationship ever starts? Simple. Because by the time we have met someone or begun a relationship, you already have preconceived notions about who they are and how our relationship is going to go. Then when we start working together, we are comparing our expectations of that relationship to the reality of the relationship and who that person actually is. By examining our preconceived notions and the expectations we bring into our relationships, we can immediately impact how the relationship goes and therefore the health and effectiveness of that relationship. 

After this program you will be able to:

· Start personal and professional relationships with a blank slate on which all people involved have a role in creating how that relationship goes.

· Avoid conflict before it starts. The number one cause of conflict is unmet expectations. Know what your expectations are and communicate them effectively and set up the relationship for success.

· Be a leader in creating relationships. Not only will you be able to catch yourself in preconceived notions and expectations, but you will also be able to lead people through conversations where they will share that with you.

· Repair relationships that have already been broken because you didn’t have these tools previously. There are plenty of relationships that have been hurt because this wasn’t in place. Be able to repair current and past relationships with these tools.

· Save time and money. When you can communicate expectations and lead others to do the same, you will be able to save time and money when you discover what isn’t going to work faster.  

#4 Self-Expressed  BASED Relationships 

Do you ever feel like you have to sacrifice parts of yourself for your personal and professional relationships to work? Maybe it even feels like that’s the way that it’s “supposed” to be. What if you and your team were able to be more yourselves in meetings? What if being able to be yourself was celebrated? More and more our world is shifting to grow and accept people for who they are as individuals. This program is designed so that you, the people on your team, and the people in your organization can be themselves and feel safe being themselves, while also adding to and deepening the company culture and the value they provide. When people feel like they can be expressed and valued for who they are, your company thrives. Period. 

After this program you will be able to:

· Have a team that feels valued for who they are and the unique gifts that they bring to the table.

· Reduce turnover. The top reasons why people stay with their organizations is because they feel valued, safe, and appreciated by their team and their managers.

· Have managers and c-suite executives effectively lead their teams, while strengthening individuals' contributions to teams and projects.

· Have anyone who attends the event be able to balance individual needs and the needs of the collective.

· Create a company culture of inclusivity where people feel appreciated, seen, and heard for who they are while investing in the mission of the company.

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