Love Dripping from the Walls

The purpose of this podcast is to create a space for conversation around love, sex and relationships where there wasn't one before so we may have understanding and open-dialogue.

The goal is that as we shed light on things that are not always talked about, that new actions can be taken by listeners.


When people are validated in their experience, lit up by themselves, completely unleashed and fully self-expressed in their sexualities and relationships, we will have an entire planet of people who love more deeply, feel more connected, are happier with themselves and others.


When you love yourself, you are free to love everyone else.

“My parent’s and I listened to your podcast together, and because of some of the topics you covered, I was able to come out to them.”

“Because I listened to your podcast, I was able to have conversations with my family that I never thought were possible.”

“I share about and recommend your podcast to everyone. I wish more people were having these conversations.”

“As we listened to your podcast, we just held hands and cried. You have no idea how much it meant to him to hear that story.”

“I went through an entire marriage of 34 years not being able to have the conversation with my husband that I am now able to have with my new partner. We are able to talk about things that I used to dream about talking about but never thought I could. Thank you so much for setting me free.”

"Thank you. After going through everything with my ex and the rebuild after, I have been exploring a new relationship with someone. I have been stopped in different ways. As I listened to your episode, Choosing Love After an Unhealthy Relationship, it created possibilities for me and loving romantically and loving unconditionally."

“I wish I would have had this podcast five years ago. I just recommended it to my cousin, who is in a similar place I was. I’m so glad that she is able to have something that guides her.”

"I shared about your podcast on a call with 800 people and now they all want to listen to it!"