Will Polyamory Actually Work For Me?

be The Designer Of Your Own Relationships
  • A FREE 21 Day Challenge with interviews of people and experts about all the ways in which polyamory can look and work no matter what your circumstances are.
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A FREE online 21 Day Challenge with a new, fresh perspective every time from experts having conversations about what you need to know in transitioning from monogamy to polyamory.

Date and Time: March 20, 2023

Elizabeth Cunningham confident in her polyamory futureElizabeth Cunningham confident in her polyamory future

Will Polyamory Actually Work for Me?

  • Learn how to move through jealousy and other challenging emotions
  • Build multiple relationships with integrity
  • Be free to be your authentic self

A FREE online 21 Day Challenge with a new, fresh perspective every time from experts having conversations about what you need to know in transitioning from monogamy to polyamory.

Date and Time:
March 20, 2023

Benefits from the Challenge

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Listen to experts in the field of polyamory, sex, relationships, gender and LGBTQIA share their experience and knowledge around the move from monogamy to polyamory.

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Gain Resources

Tired of searching the web to piece together information? Get information you need in one event from the experts.

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Grow Community

Find your people and communities that resonate most with you! Polyamory and therapy? Polyamory and queerness? Polyamory and eroticism? Whatever you’re looking for, let’s get you connected. 

Sky, Founder, Vertisphere LLC

Elizabeth creates a great framework and support system for helping people to unlock their love, discovering how it works for you and embracing it and celebrating the abundance of awesomeness that lies within. Elizabeth’s coaching offers the celebration and embracing of how our love works which is how it’s gotta be… There’s no use in suppressing this s*** … Let’s just celebrate it and make it f***ing happen!
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Heidi Savell, LCSW she/her, Polyamory Coach

Elizabeth was a wonderful host and great to work with. Being on her show was easy and fun. It felt like a conversation with a friend, and she was warm and engaging throughout the experience.
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Will Polyamory Actually Work For Me?

Be The Designer Of Your Own Relationships

Where I see people get stuck in having the polyamorous relationships that they want is they either don’t see themselves represented in poly culture or they think that there is something about them or their circumstances that prevents them from being or practicing poly. 

I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t have to be a problem. 

You can absolutely have relationships that fill your cup!

Imagine that even though you live in a small town, even though you’re a certain age, even though you have kids, even though you’ve only dated 1 person ever and you’ve been married to them for 20 years, that you, YES YOU can absolutely have the polyamorous relationships and life that calls to your heart. 

Join in and see how our speakers create the life and relationships they truly want and see how you can do the same

This Challenge with experts will teach you how to:

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Build your relationship’s foundation with integrity.
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Move through jealousy and other challenging emotions.
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Be courageous in expressing who you truly are to the people that you love.
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Communicate how you truly feel!
I'm Ready — Let's Get Started!
Elizabeth Cunningham in peace with her polyamory

Some of our experts at a glance!

Heidi Savell
The Polyamory Primer: A Guide to Asking the Right Questions Before Dating a Polyamorous Person
Sonya Brewer
Thriving and Embodied: The Intersection of Badass Boundaries, Trauma Recovery, and Polyamory
Nicole Pacent
Queering Relationships: Bisexuality and Polyamory in Modern Society
Melissa & Wayne LeSane
Polyamory, Parenting, and Identity: A Candid Conversation

Asked Questions

Where is it?

This is a virtual event! Enjoy in the comfort of your own home or wherever you’d like to tune in from!

When is it?

The event starts on March 20, 2023 but if you sign up later, you will get the video for the upcoming video (for example, if you sign up for the challenge on March 21, you will receive the video and information for the following event or "Day 2" of the challenge).

What is the cost?

It’s completely free!

Will it be available later?

This is a limited time offer so sign up today!

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Interested in Improving Everywhere?


This is a completely FREE opportunity! It can cost hundreds of dollars to see and learn from our speakers.
Instead, they are gathering here for YOU so that you can have the best chance of creating the relationships you truly desire!

Learn how to communicate what you want
Breakthrough jealousy and move towards compersion
Find community and like-minded people
Discover more resources to help you on your journey
Let go of shame
Recognize and heal from past wounds so you can move forward
Elizabeth Ann CunninghamElizabeth Cunningham in peace with her polyamoryElizabeth Cunningham confident in her polyamory future

The Mission of the 21 Day Challenge

To provide access to education and resources. And to build connection and cohesiveness across the polyamorous community. 

We are on a global mission to expand the conversation of love on the planet, being courageous and having the freedom to fully express our love.