From Monogamy to Polyamory Master Class

Find Peace, Fulfillment and the Ability to be Fully You
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Date and Time: December 14th, 2022
4 pm - 7 pm PST

Benefits from the master class

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Gain Clarity

The fastest way to solve a problem, is to name a problem. We're going to walk through the what and why of what you're dealing with so that you naturally begin to get clear on what's next.

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Get Coaching

Elizabeth Cunningham has helped hundreds of people in their polyamorous relationships move through some of the toughest challenges and see their way to the other side.

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Take Action

This master class is not just about gaining knowledge. This is about you being empowered to take the action you need to in order to actually have the relationships, love and connection you want.

Sky, Founder, Vertisphere LLC

Elizabeth creates a great framework and support system for helping people to unlock their love, discovering how it works for you and embracing it and celebrating the abundance of awesomeness that lies within. Elizabeth’s coaching offers the celebration and embracing of how our love works which is how it’s gotta be… There’s no use in suppressing this s*** … Let’s just celebrate it and make it f***ing happen! 
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MacKenzie Graham, Former Client

...Even more than that, in the right moment you challenged not only present perspectives that I had but how those perspectives had been formed over time. Then I was instantly laid open. I had nothing else I could do but the work to repair, to see the pieces of myself and lodge them together in the best way that could figure. So I did, and where am I now? I am open, settled, calm, peaceful, no less driven, so much more connected to my deepest sense of power. I will take your lessons to other lives.
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From Monogamy to Polyamory

Shifting from monogamy to polyamory is not just the physical shift of your relationship/s looking differently. It is a mental, emotional and for some people spiritual shift that continues to happen regardless of what it looks like on the outside. You’re moving from a relationship structure that has been taught to you your entire life to opening up a door to the complete unknown and having to start from scratch. Even people who have been practicing polyamory or some other form of non monogamy for a while had to build their own foundation. 

In this Master Class we will work on:

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Get grounded in what you are dealing with now. So often, we resist our reality which has us stay stuck.
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Discover any limiting beliefs you have about what is possible for you in building polyamorous relationships and begin to dismantle them.
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Begin to work through what's been getting in your way (challenging thoughts? emotions? something else?)
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Leave with new tools and skills to take back to your relationships and make a real difference in your life
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Asked Questions

Where is it?

This is a virtual event! Enjoy in the comfort of your own home or wherever you’d like to tune in from!

When is it?

December 14th, 2022 from 4pm PST - 7pm PST. 

What is the cost?

The investment for this class is $150.

Can I come to just part of it?

You will get the most value out of this class if you are able to attend for the full time. It's interactive so if you come late, it will be harder to catch up. Set aside the full time. This is an investment in you and your relationships.

Will it be available later?

No. This class will be recorded and some of the content may be repurposed but the class in it's entirety will not be available later.

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Interested in Improving Everywhere?

These are life skills

One of the number one things I hear from polyamorous people I interview and clients I work with is that learning how to be in polyamorous relationships, is a life skill. The amount of self-growth, communication skills, emotional regulation, coping mechanisms, on and on that you gain from navigating how to expand your capacity to love and be in multiple relationships is beyond measure. This master class will touch on:

Recognizing unhealthy patterns and what to do
Breakthrough jealousy and move towards compersion
Find community and like-minded people
Be able to see when you're limiting yourself or your relationships and how to stay open
Learn ways to regulate your emotions so that you are able to be a partner that you're proud of
Discover how to communicate all of this to others so that you can have productive conversations moving forward
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The Purpose of this Master Class

I believe in doing the inner work and I also believe in action. They are both most effective when used in tandem with one another. This master class is designed for you to go deep into what you're dealing with and how it's impacting you internally so that you can translate that to what needs to happen externally.

It all starts with you, who you are being in your relationships and who you want to be.

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