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Are you ready to love deeper?

Do you want to learn more about yourself? Do you want to create healthy and ongoing non-monogamous relationships? Are you feeling stuck? Do you hear a little (or maybe a loud voice!) saying yes? If so, you are ready for this course.

Why you should consider Love Deeper

You are currently trying to navigate polyamory or non-monogamy and you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing and you wish you had a road map to help you figure it out.

You know that you are polyamorous or non-monogamous in your heart and in your soul but the relationships you currently have are having you feel stuck, unsupported or even wrong. 

You know that the love that you have inside you needs to be expressed but you have no idea of how to do that or what that even looks like.

Brian Prince

Elizabeth is a phenomenal relationship coach. I have been in a polyamorous relationship for almost five years. About a year ago, I started dating another partner and the three of us have been living together in the same house for the last six months. The living situation has been good, but my first partner and I were growing apart. Our lives were moving in very different directions while my newer partner and I are very much on the same life path. This had created for me a lot of “managing” of the situation and was very exhausting. I was also very concerned about breaking her heart. After a thirty minute [session] with Elizabeth, I knew exactly what I needed to do. Elizabeth asked questions to help me distinguish what I already knew needed to happen and I went home resolved to have the conversation. There is a new freedom within my relationship with my now former partner and my current partner. With Elizabeth’s coaching, I was able to deal powerfully with what was actually happening in the relationship and to handle it with grace and love.

Rusty Gabhardt

Gym Manager

The Love Empress!!! I wanted to meet with Elizabeth because I was seeking clarity on my dating journey - to figure out what I was looking for and next steps to call LOVE into my life. Elizabeth helped me realize through the course of our call that I actually am quite clear on what I am looking for, but that the biggest place I’ve been getting stuck is that I’ve been forcing myself to date at a pace that ...well...feels uphill and isn’t sexy. So she’s really helped guide me into accepting that where I am currently is the perfect place to call in my partner - and to do that from a place of spaciousness, peace and power. From here I’m feeling more expansive and trusting.

Megan Taylor

Founder, Bold Babe Collective

When I first started coaching a lot of the goals I had were around learning to love myself, figuring out what I wanted in life and how to get there. My communication needed improvement, especially when I was talking to women I was interested in. I also wanted to figure out what I wanted in a relationship. Over the course of my time working with Elizabeth, we started to achieve this. We began with words of affirmation to myself. We deep-dived into my mental state, figuring out how I view myself and how I could boost myself up and be more proactive in my life and get things done. When it came to dating, I learned to be more vulnerable. I noticed this led to more productive dates and much more engaged and meaningful conversation with people. We talked a lot about what I want later on down the road and how I can achieve that. I was learning how my mental state affects not only me but how I view the world. Now that I have gone through the course, I'm much more confident. I have an easier time talking to people and communicating my feelings and intentions. I have been able to carry that into my own personal business, which is fantastic. I'm so much happier. I want to be in a relationship down the road, I'm still searching. I've had better dates than I've had before and now I know my own self-worth. I will not settle for something just to fill a void because I'm so full as it is right now. ​So I highly recommend Elizabeth. She does a great job. If you're willing to challenge yourself and be vulnerable with yourself, it's well worth it. Give it a shot. ​

Tayler Kurtzman

Owner, Level Up Massage

My sessions with Elizabeth have always been groundbreaking! I have gained so much clarity and an amazing sense of relief after all breakthroughs from our session - *every* time! ​Her ability to guide me gently yet relentlessly is amazing. She helped complete my own past and guided me to define what’s possible for my future on several occasions when I was going through difficult times. ​She’s one of the few people I have really shared my deepest thoughts and feelings with, as I know I’m always greeted with love and compassion; never with a hint of judgment and always unwavering joyous, positive and generous.

Calin Papuza

Founder, Calin Papuza Coaching

I've gotten so much out of our coaching sessions. I am new to being poly but since I started my coaching sessions with Elizabeth, I am able to be more open, loving, and communicative towards my primary and secondary partners. She doesn't hold anything back and is direct with me in a compassionate way.


Polyamorous, 29, Seattle

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How does Love Deeper play out?

The course is 6 months in total and we move through 3 different phases. It starts with you because our coaching philosophy is everything starts with you; your thoughts, emotions, past, and the cycles that keep repeating themselves in your life. The course centers around you and what you have learned and gathered so far in your life. You know how those things aren’t always super great? Well, we’re going to teach you how you can utilize all of them to your advantage and even be able to create the relationships you want, just starting from there. 

Then we move into sex, sexuality, relationship styles, and attraction. In this second part of the course, we’re going to get in tune with our desires. What are they? What does eroticism mean to you? And how can you communicate what you want? And then, how can you create what you want so everyone feels safe and sexy?

We then bring it all together, learning how to build the healthy relationships that you desire. Yes! Now that you’ve got all the tools , let’s add other people! (as many other people as you want 🥰) But again, HOW? How do you build multiple relationships with integrity? How do you keep everyone on the same page? How do you ensure that hard things can be talked about without disaster, drama, or everything falling apart? It’s time to stop walking on eggshells trying to say or not say the right thing. It’s time to actually have it all work! It’s totally possible and that’s what you’ll learn and implement in your life. 

The support and coaching you'll receive:

  • One-on-one calls
    - 3 with Elizabeth Cunningham, Creator and Lead Love Coach
    - 3with Liana Griebsch, Love Coach

  • Group calls: The power of community is transformative. Being in group calls with other people who have similar experiences is not only affirming but it will bring things up that may have never been considered one-on-one.
    - Out of the 3 weekly calls, you choose which fits best in your schedule.
  • 8-module online course
    - 70+ videos
    - Embodiment practices
    - Audio exercises
    - A workbook
    - All yours forever! You will have access to all of these materials beyond the 10 weeks of the course so that you can continue to revisit anything you need and keep practicing!

The first step is booking a free Discovery Call. We want to learn more about you and for you to learn more about us to make sure that the Love Deeper course is the best fit for you right now. Once you sign up for the course, you will be able to dive in right away! 

**Please note that if you sign up for this course we have a no refund policy**

Schedule A Free Discovery Call

Please note the 90 min booking link is specifically reserved for partners who are interested in Love Deeper/Coaching together, so that everyone has time to speak and ask questions.