Love Deeper (beta) Online Course

Love Deeper is (now) an online course for all people who are in or are wanting to be in non monogamous relationships. This is the first version of this course that is being run with online modules making it more accessible than ever before! 

What you will gain from this course are the skills and tools to have happy and harmonious relationships of all styles. Designed with you in mind, this is the first course to walk you through everything you need to have the relationships that you've always wanted. 

And lucky you! Since it is in the beta phase, Elizabeth is looking for people who are willing to give feedback, which means extra time, attention and focus on what YOU are dealing with RIGHT NOW! 

Ready to dive in? Please fill out the application below and Elizabeth will follow up with you about the various options on your journey ahead!

***Note: By filling out this application form you are NOT committing to taking the course and it is NOT guaranteed that you will be accepted into the beta program.***