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Unconditional Love, Unapologetically Me
Polyamory, Alt Relationships, LGBTQ+ Educator, Coach, Speaker, Lover

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Polyamory love and intimacy coach elizabeth ann cunningham
Official Bio

Who is Elizabeth Ann Cunningham?

I am a Transformational Love and Life Coach. I specialize in non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships; however, I work with all people who want to expand and grow the love they have in their lives.

Whether I’m coaching, teaching, speaking, or consulting, my goal is to help you move through blocks, break past patterns, move from doubt and fear to courage and love, giving you the tools that you need to be confident in having and creating the relationships you truly want. 

When we’re talking about relationships outside of monogamy, it can be scary, uncertain, confusing, frustrating, and just downright challenging. From being misunderstood, dismissed, or even belittled (I’m so sorry that’s happened!), to not having any examples of what to do or feeling unsure of how polyamory works… phew… there’s a lot. And that is exactly why I do what I do. I have been practicing polyamory since 2010 and I’ve studied and worked in the field of sex, love, and relationships since 2008. I use both my personal and professional experience to give you the template you need to build your relationships with honesty, integrity, and, of course, a lot of love and compassion.

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Speaking Events & Workshops

It’s amazing the crossover between romantic relationships and other relationships. We are relating to ourselves, one another, and things in our life all of the time. I have used the tools and teachings I developed as a Love Coach and applied them to trainings on leadership, consulting with tech executives, and even helping parents with their children. 

The principles of communication, deep listening, commitment, and creating an environment where people feel safe to be themselves and express their opinions and ideas, span across all types of relationships. 

If you want people to communicate effectively, feel heard and understood, and move relationships forward with authenticity and velocity, then I’m your girl.

The topics I speak on:

  • Polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships
  • Communication
  • Self-Expression
    Building Relationships
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Elizabeth Ann Cunningham

Why you should consider Love Deeper

Stop feeling frustrated and alone and gain the knowledge and tools to empower you to move - forward, even if you’ve never read a single book, blog post, or article on polyamory.

If you feel stressed out and overwhelmed at the prospect of dating, learning how to date, communicating how you feel when you know it may not be received well, feeling scared or like you have to hide, then this course is your ticket forward.

Adopt a non-monogamous or polyamorous mindset and begin to unlearn what hasn’t been working for you in monogamy.


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